When we designed The Sanctuary we made sure it had a Prayer Room. It's not just for people from the church to use; this room is open to everyone who uses the building. Maybe you just need a bit of peace and quiet to collect your thoughts and catch your breath - the Prayer Room is available.

We genuinely believe that prayer helps... and we reckon most people pray from time to time, whether they're happy to admit it or not! We think God listens when we pray to him and that he also answers. You don't have to pray if you choose to use the Prayer Room, but why not?!

The displays and artwork will keep changing regularly so pop in from time to time to see what it looks like and what we're praying for.

We're supporters of the 24-7 Prayer Movement and through the year we regularly set time aside to pray 'around the clock' with different people taking an hour or two to spend in the Prayer Room.

We think it is a real privilege to pray for people if they ask us to. If you would like us to pray about something for you, we would be honoured to. Let us know what you'd like us to pray for via the 'Contact Us' page. Don't forget, if you're local, you can pop in to The Sanctuary and use the Prayer Room yourself whenever it is open.

Take a look at the 'Gallery' for some more pictures from The Sanctuary's Prayer Room.

The Sanctuary Prayer Room
24-7 Prayer
Stop. Breathe. Pray.
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