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MAD International (Making A Difference) is a UK registered charity founded in 2001 by Revd Simon Smith who moved from London to the Philippine Island of Cebu with his young family. In the UK the charity is run by Alan & Helen Wye who are members of Watchet Baptist Church.

There is so much need in the Philippines - extreme poverty, problems with addictions and abuse, and behind the smiles a lot of broken hearts. In 2013 a huge earthquake rocked the Philippines causing catastrophic damage and loss of life further adding to the huge needs of those who live there. MAD International's aim is to help those so affected by these issues.

All of MAD International's stock is bought in the Philippines, mostly from small traders. They pay people between 5-10 times the local rate for labour. The high quality goods produced (jewellery and other handicrafts) are then sold at various events in the UK and online. The charity's running costs are kept to a minimum to maximise the profits which are sent back out to support the work in Cebu.

Since its launch there is a long list of things that MAD International has helped to pay for, from mundane things like paying rent for meeting rooms and accommodation, to providing equipment for a local school, running a weekly feeding programme, and enabling the church to reach out with the good news of Jesus Christ, through whom many lives are being transformed…which is what it’s all about!

Posted on November 20th 2014

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