Beginner's Art Group

Trampas writes, “We have now completed two eight week blocks of Friday morning sessions and in that time have covered most of the basics techniques in drawing and painting.

It has been a joy to watch those who have not previously sketched or painted produce some lovely work, and those trying a new medium for the first time have discovered new ways of portraying a subject.  

We have had a lot of fun exploring a variety of techniques from stretching paper for watercolour, working ‘wet-in-wet’, looking at a real and linear  perspective, shading, shadows, textures and colour.

The range of medium is anything except oil paint (to give the ‘cleaner-uppers’ a fair chance!) and all basic materials are provided when needed. So, we have used charcoal and pastels, tried acrylic and gouache as well as watercolour, ink, graphite and watercolour pencil. Is there no end to this fun you ask? Well no, is the simple answer!

The next group will start on the 19th September 2014 and will run for ten weeks.  We will not only be looking back over basics, but will also be trying out some different styles of work to portray a subject in perhaps a more meaningful way.

Some of the early work from the group will be displayed in The Sanctuary through August & September 2014 to show the breadth of talent and that even the very raw beginners can turn out a good picture!”

Click here for a closer look at some of the work.

If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Trampas on 01984 639275 for details.

Posted on August 13th 2014

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