The 'original' Baptist Chapel

A Baptist Church has met in Watchet since the mid 18th Century with their first 'Chapel' building opening in 1824 - it is still standing today on the hill overlooking the town. Some years ago it fell into disrepair and the cost of maintaining it was considered prohibitively expensive. The 'Chapel' was sold and the Baptist Church bought instead an old school building in the town. This building was much used by the local community. Many people from Watchet remember fondly the Holiday Clubs, the Children's Centre and the various groups for older folks that ran in the old school, most of which were organised and managed by people from church. Sadly, this building too proved too costly to maintain and eventually it had to be sold.

The church members began to consider how the proceeds of this sale ought to be spent. Several ideas for a new church building were explored but to no avail. Just over three years ago, after much discussion and a lot of prayer, it was decided that rather than buy or build another large hall designed for Sunday worship, a better use of the funds would be to provide a town-centre facility that would have the potential to benefit the whole community. Watchet Baptist Church continues to meet for Sunday worship in our local school hall which suits us fine!

The Vision for The Sanctuary was that it should be used for various activities through the week that would benefit the wider community rather than just those who are part of the church. Click the 'Vision' tab (on the left)  to find out more about how we'd like to see The Sanctuary used over the coming years.

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